1. Schedule your reservation. On any given day, prices can fluctuate depending on whether or not they can fill the number of customers. Your best time to book is usually within 24 hours of your stay.

Fortunately, websites like expressrafting.com can help you schedule your bookings so you can get the best price without the risk of not buying tours at all. The site allows you to search for tours and allows you to predict both tour availability and price fluctuations.

3. Use the prize malls. When it's finally time to book, take advantage of cashback and credit card rewards to earn bonus rewards. Keep in mind that while anyone can use cashback websites, you may need a credit card to access card issuers' online shopping malls.

4. Do not pay for upgrades, bargain. Instead of reserving the best supplies at the venue, reserve a lower priced item. If you are traveling during off-peak time, you have a higher chance to switch to an empty, better boat or kayak at check-in.


5. Watch out for price drops. Savings do not stop when you book your tour. As mentioned earlier, the price of a tour can fluctuate significantly, but most people do not have the time or inclination to hit the "refresh" and sit down to see if the nightly rate is falling. Services like Yapta track the price of your tour and notify you when it drops.