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  • 14/04/2021

Köprülü Canyon National Park - Antalya
Köprülü Canyon National Park is 63 km northwest of Antalya province Manavgat district and 85 km northeast of Antalya province. Covering an area of ​​366,140 decares in the area where the Köprüçay (Köprü) river and the historical city of Selge are located within the boundaries of Manavgat district, this area was separated and declared as a National Park in 1973. National Park resources Beskonak with values ​​between the village square forming Köprüçay Bolas brought by splitting the valley, 14 km long and is one of Turkey's longest canyon in excess of 100 m height of the wall.

Born from the Taurus Mountains and passing through natural wonder canyons, Köprüçay flows into the Mediterranean from the south of Serik. Both sides steep, leading up to the Köprüçay fed by underground springs in the canyon that is almost impossible, constitutes one of Turkey's most beautiful natural recreation areas. In addition, the ancient city of Selge located in the mountainous land to the west of the river; Many archaeological resources such as castles, aqueducts, bridges and historical roads by the river increase the importance of Köprülü Canyon. Among the source values ​​of Köprülü Canyon National Park;

Fed by numerous springs in steep walled canyons; Köprüçay river is suitable for rafting and water sports due to its high flow in summer and winter,
 B.C. The theater, agora, Zeus and Artemis temples, cisterns, aqueducts of the ancient city of Selge, founded in the 5th century; The stone paved road connecting Selge to the coastal cities of Pamphylia with Oluk and Büğrüm bridges on Köprüçay River and Koca Çay,
The largest natural cypress forest in the entire Mediterranean region with an area of ​​400 hectares in the National Park,
Adam (aka Satan) rocks with very interesting geomorphological features,
Rich flora that includes 48 rare and endangered species (44 endemic), 5 globally endangered species, 39 endangered European species, 4 nationally endangered species within its coverage area,
Mountain Goat, the only endemic bird species of Anatolia, Anatolian Plaster, the endangered Red Vulture, the rich fauna that includes Black Salamander species that only live in this region,
Saint Paul Road, which is known as the road that Saint (St.) Paul walked during his first missionary adventure in Anatolia and whose 45 km part remained within the borders of the National Park, can be counted.
Köprülü Canyon National Park offers many activity options to its visitors thanks to its natural, historical and cultural richness. At first, one of Turkey's most important Köprüçay rafting on rafting route, canoeing and canyoning (canyoning), including sports; swimming, hiking, rock climbing, orienteering, cycling, angling, etc. There are opportunities to participate in various activities such as sportive events, botanical-wildlife observation, geological structure observation, camping, photography, picnic, jeep safari, highland trips. Visitors to the region can also include the ancient city of Selge in the National Park and the St. Paul Road, some of which are in the National Park, in their excursion programs.

For recreation and accommodation in Köprülü Canyon National Park, food and beverage facilities located on both sides of the river, daily and tent camping areas and pensions serving with bungalow houses within the park boundaries can be used. There are travel agencies that organize daily tours in Antalya city center, its districts and the National Park with their programs including rafting and other activities. Entry to the National Park is free.

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